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We have a variety of services viz. online consultancy to solve your problems instaneously, product failure analysis, process control and optimization, testing and reserch, quality control, casting methoding.  build up software , new plant set up, pollution control , renewable energy,  recruitment of freshers and experienced perfessional, education and training

Metallurgical Investigation & Analysis

We perform structure, machine, component failure analysis through various tests and investigation viz. optical & elctron micropy image analysis, X ray diffraction, corrosion, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, materials analysis by atomic adsorption spectrophotometry and UVS
Life Prediction of Equipment & Structures

Prediction of Life  of structure in any environment,atmospheric, seawater, underground etc  is a challenging task for design and corrosion engineers for existing as well as new structures, due to wide variation of several parameters viz. chemistry of the medium, fluid dynamics, pollutants , across the global  environment.  We have developed software by mathematical modeling  through genetic algorithm , artificial neural network. It can predict the life of the structure, when input data of the properties of the materilas and medium are given
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Corrosion Diagnosis & Protective Measures

Enviromental degradation of materials occur due to corrosion. For better understanding of fundamental science & engineering of failures and evolve right protective devices, corrosion diagonistic consiting of series of corrosion testings as wellas substrate characterization by XRD , SCM, AFM  are necessary.
Setting up New projects & Plants

We perform consultancy services for total guidences and support of setting of new  or extension of plants  in  renewable eneergy,  materials production from waste, corrosion protection, Battery & fuel cell and other metals / materials related projects.
Engineering Software Development

We develop engineeering software for design & development, process optimization, producing materials component with optimum properties with minimum cost, life prediction of structure, pollution control, green energy, modeling simulation and anythginh you need

Education and Training

We educate and professionally train fresh graduate engineer, associate and diploma engineer , science graduate in the various fields of Metallurgical and  Material Science & engineering fields to meet your needs so that your staff become selt sufficient to deal all plant problems and lead your organization
Recruitment and  Placement

We take up recruitment and placement services to your needs in laboratory assistants, engineers and technicials, help desk and office assistants, software Engineer and IT professional.
   Our specilized team conducts written test, group discussion and interview for selection process.