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What is best construction material for Hydrofloric acid container ? Will it be economic?  Any cheaper material ?

What is the composition of  Chrome plating solution ? What temp ? Potential ?  Current?

How to get powder metal ? bright metal ? dull  metal ? hard metal ? soft metal ?

What is the potential, current, solution composition for Anodizing of Al ? How to control the pore size ?

How to get pollution free renewable energy from algae ? or waste water ? rice husks? forest waste & residue ?

How to get valuable metals from old computer  motherboard or processor , old battery? slag low grade ore ? 

What is the annealing temperature of stainless steel , how to harden the material ? Can this material be used at high temperature?

What is the coating on stainless steel   to make it implant material for orthopaedic bone  fracture ?

What is the life of  a metallic  structure in sea water, river water , atmosphere ?  How many years ? How to increase?

How to produce Aluminum from clay ? Titanium from red mud?  Copper from slag ?

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