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LIST Downloads Remarks
Solving linear Eqn n variables SP_Prog1 C++ program
Solving linear Eqn n variables LU Decom SP_Prog2 C++ program
How to make your own header file & use it SP_Thermo C++ program
Graphics Example & use it SP_Graphics Java Programming
Graphics Example & use it SP_Graphics C++ Programming
Turbo C compiler Turbo C Win 7, 8, 64 bit C Compiler DOS
Standard Electrode Potentials Electrode Potentials Reference

Galvanic Series and Corrosion Potential

in Sea Water

Galvanic Series Reference
 Concept Cyclic Voltammetry Cyclic Voltammetry

Notes SP

 Concept Chronoamperometry Chronoamperometry Notes SP
Difference between Cylic polarization  and Voltammetry CV and CP Notes SP
How to Determine Exchange density Exchange c d Notes SP
Corrosion Rate Conversion Corrosion Rate Conversion Notes SP
 Gas chromatography: Principle & nethod Gas Chromatography Notes SP
 Glucose fuel cell to get energy Glucose Fuel Cell Notes SP
Mechanism of H2S corrosion H2S Corrosion Notes SP
Metal powder by Electrodeposition Metal Powder Notes SP
 ZnO nanotube by Electrodeposition Nano ZnO Notes SP
Why electrocatalytic materials for  energy Electrocatalytic Naterials Notes SP
Particle size determination from XRD Particle size Notes SP
How to make a lab scale Fuel Cell Fuel Cell Notes SP
 Concept Pulse plating Pulse Plating Notes SP
 Sol Gel Technique for coating Sol Gel Technique Notes SP
How to make Nano ZnO by Solgel Nano ZnO Notes SP

Adsorption and Adsorption Isotherms

Adsorption   Notes SP





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