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Green and  Renewable Energy
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Energy conversion from the burning of    fossil  produces Greenhouse gas (CO2) and causes Global warming effect. The limited availability of fossil fuel sources  worldwide,  every commodity being automatic & fast urbanization making increasing energy demands .

Although over 6000 trillion kJoules solar energy are radiated on earth every year and about 100 trillion K joules of energy content of Biomass, we utilize only 1-2%
Energy Entrepreneurship

Invest in Energy production 
and get support from different government organizations.
International finance corporation can also fund if the  project plan is  economically profitable , environmentally & socially sound and  benefits local economy through employment.  Energy production from biomass in rural & semi urban areas  is very lucrative as huge fuel feed stocks are available in the form of agriculture waste and residue.

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Fuel Cell

Energy from Green Algae

Energy from Rice Husk

Rice husk which represents 20% dry weight of the harvested rice, can serve as a low-cost abundant feedstock for production of fuel alcohol. They contain about 36% cellulose and 12% hemicellulose, with some quantities of lignin (16%) and ash (20%) which complicates their use as lignocellulosic feedstock  for conversion to ethanol. Itis used as fuel in fuel cell to produce clean electrical energy

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Electricity from waste water

Fermented wastewater can generate electricity of  power density of approximately 1884 mW/m3. Normal municipal wastewater contains between 105 to 107 bacteria/ml. Bacteria, 0.5 to 1.0 micron in diameter , that  use soluble food to reproduce by binary fission.  It can produce  energy by oxidation of inorganic substrates such as ammonia, iron and sulfur. Single-chamber microbial fuel cell  was designed using square bottles  with a 250 mL working volume. The air-facing sides of the air cathodes were coated with  carbon/polytetrafluoroethylene. The anodes were granular activated carbon.  It sucessfuly produced elctrical energy  and the product was clean water converted from waste water to be reusable 

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Bio battery
Green Algae, which is readily available  in pond, lake, river & seaweeds  possess an enzyme Called HYDROGENASE , that is capable of splitting water into hydrogen using sunlight by photosynthesis. This Hydrogen gas can be stored and later fed into a fuel cell where the gas is oxidized electrochemically to produce clean electrical energy with over 80% energy conversion efficiency   and no polluting products .

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Fuel cell produces clean energy from the fuel with high efficiency by converting fuel electrochemically, directly to electrical energy. The efficiency is much  higher  comapred to the energy conversion from chemical to thermal & then  to mechanical energy  in the automobile  engine since the former can bypass the limitation of  Carnot cycle heat engine.  Fuels  from the biomass can be used in the fuel cells to produce clean energy technology from the waste

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Digested fluids are metabolised by bacteria in the first compartment, and the electrons are transferred via the electrode to the other compartment, where they are taken up by oxygen to form water. This current can be used as electricity.


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Global Energy Consumption    Crude Oil stock   Greenhouse gases
Global Energy Consumption    Crude Oil stock   Greenhouse gases